The entire process starts with an estimate. This can either be done by you bringing in a drawing of the are you want work done to or you can email as well.  We also offer Free in home estimates. This is where one of the owners usually comes to your home to take measurements and answer any questions that you may have.

Stone Selection:

If you have not yet selected your stone, this is when we will give locations to actually select the exact stone you want in your home. 


Once you have the price and approve the start of the process, an owner comes out to your home and makes a template of the area. This is where you are shown joint location, if needed, and goes over everything with you about your project.


Once you have the color selection and the template has been done then we begin the fabrication process.


Installation can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hrs to finish depending on the size and scope of work to be done. If we are removing old counters the time could be extended also depending on what type of material and size of removal.

Once they have finished the project, the installers will go over the job with you to make sure you are happy with finished product.

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The Process: